Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just needs the borders!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post, but I haven't really been quilting that much, and I guess that's when I really think I have something to blog about.

Yesterday I hunkered down, and finally put all the rows together for Jeanne's wedding quilt.

I just need to trim the sides and add the borders, and the top will be done!  I plan on making a pieced back, using large pieces of the same fabrics from the front, something much more calming than the front!  Of course, my hubby immediately said that we needed to keep this one, and make her something else!  Yeah, right!  But I do really like this color mix, so something using this scheme might be in our future.....we'll see!

I actually really enjoyed making all the flying geese.....there are 480 of them......and I had never really made more than just a couple at a time it was a little surprising how fun they were to make.  And I have  a huge bag of bonus hst's now......maybe that will be a wall hanging, or maybe I can channel Bonnie Hunter and come up with a whole nuther quilt using a bag full of something that should be put to use!  I've always loved how she does that......has a drawer full of 4-patches or something, and designs a quilt around them!  I love that!  I just wish that kind of thinking came naturally to me.....I'm going to have to sit down with some graph paper and play for a while before I come up with 'it'.

On the non-quilty news front......I have a new refrigerator!  Woohoo!  Okay, you may be saying, "Big Whoop".....but it really is!  This is the first NEW refrigerator I've ever picked out and owned!  Everywhere we ever lived, there was a fridge already there, so we lived with it.  And most times, they were fairly new (maybe 5-10 years old), and so they were fine.  I've never been a gadget girl, or bells and whistles girl, so the basic model is fine with me.  But the fridge in this house, that we've lived in now for 13 years, was probably from the early 70's!  No kidding!  I tried googling the codes from the back, and it predates the listings!  So this baby is pushing 40, and I've been saying for about 5 years now, "When the dang thing finally dies, I'm getting MY fridge.....the kind with the freezer on the bottom!"  And every time we have been to the mall in the last 5 years, we've parked at the Sears end, so we can walk through the appliance section, I can find MY fridge, open it up, look inside, do a little dream of how great my stuff will look in there, close the door, and head for the real purpose of the mall trip.

Well, the old fridge did not die, but we were thinking that because it's so danged old, it's probably the cause for at least a third of our electric bill......sucking up all that energy just to run it's tired old motor!  And Sears (bless them!) had MY fridge on fabulous-amazing-can't-miss-it it was TIME!

And tomorrow I can start putting stuff into it!  Yay!  I can't wait!

Call me a happy more bending over to find stuff in there anymore!  And the doors have HUGE adjustable shelves, so a giant bottle of everything will fit in the door!  OMG!  And see-through produce bins!  I'm just so damned happy!  (Yeah......I know......I'm easily pleased!)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Regan  :o)


  1. Love love love this purple quilt - I am with hubby - a bit hard to give it away but seeing as you are not giving it to me that's ok. The colours are gorgeous and I am sure it will be loved!

  2. Funny how a new appliance that makes your life easier can be such a joy! And I agree with your hubbie...that gorgeous quilt will be hard to part with.

  3. I love your quilt. Both pattern and color. I don't recall flying geese being that much fun. What technique did you use?

    Enjoy your fridge. It sounds marvelous. Funny how something like that can be so exciting.

  4. I really love your quilt. Lots of flying geese there, but they just make the quilt pop. I enjoyed reading about your new fridge. Did you get ice and water in the door? First time we got that I drank so much water that I sloshed when I walked. Enjoy yours!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I am also wondering what technique you used for all the flying geese? Congrats on the fridge, too. I can totally relate.

  6. Beautiful quilt! Love the colors and design! You're probably right about the electricity...I'm wondering the same thing about our washer and dryer.


  7. Yea Regan on the new fridge.
    When I got my new fridge a couple years ago I would open it and just stand there say, "Oh my God I love this fridge!"
    My hubby is 6'2" he loves not having to get on his knees to find things. While I am only 5'2" I never could see a damn thing with the fridge on the bottom either.

    Amazing how we can love our refridgerators isn't it?
    The first fridge I remember as a kid was with the freezer on the bottom at our home. Why did they go out of style? (showing my age here) I could never go back to the freezer on top again!

    Have fun arranging your fridge!!

  8. Love the purple quilt! My Dh loves purple too and I could hear him claiming this one if it was in our house!

    Congrats on the new fridge! We noticed a huge difference on our electric bill when we changed out out washer and dryer which were about 25 years young!

  9. What an awesome work of art, I just love that color combination! Congrats on the new fridge, and I would have enjoyed seeing a pic of that too. Is it one of those french door ones with the freezer on the bottom? ~Lili

  10. I Love your purple flying geese quilt! The colours are beautiful and it has so much movement with those geese flying everywhere. I'm with you on the fridge though I'm still at the dreaming phase, waiting for our present little one to conk out. A freezer on the bottom is really so sensible! Happy New Fridge Day to you!