Friday, July 13, 2012

Finished another Warm Hug!

Our little group's donation quilts are what we call "Warm Hugs" I think someone receiving one wouldn't like to think of it as a 'charity' quilt!  Last week, an elderly man in our town lost his wife to a heart attack, and I nearly had this quilt I got a move on it!  It's finished now, and in a few days, after the funeral, and after things settle for him a bit, I'll take it over to him.

I really need to find the setting on my camera that can take a good quilt pic!  Half of these homespuns are reading as solids, and those 4 dark squares are really not that dark in comparison to the rest of the fabrics.  There are some really dark blue and black plaids in there, but they are readying as lights!  Weird!

Here's the back, and again, it's really much darker in reality!

It's a good sized throw or for a single size bed.  And it works really well for a man.  I quilted an all-over big meandering stipple, so it's cozy and snuggley.  A warm hug for someone who might really need one right now.

And since I had the camera out......I got some flower pics from around the yard.  I nearly missed these again! Sheesh!  I need to get into the habit of using my camera every day.  I guess I'm still thinking back to the dark ages, when we only took 'important' pictures, because going to the Fotomat booth was so damned expensive for developing!  And we weren't much good at it, so a roll of 36 shots might only have 3 good pics on it!  Yep......I'm still thinking that way, even though I have a digital camera!  Just take one or two shots of something, and hope for the best!  Duh!  lol are a few of the blooms before they are gone!

I don't know the names of any of the lilies anymore......that info in my brain is hiding in the corner with my math skills!

Too hot today to play golf (unless we take a cart......whimpy!), so I get to spend the day in the sewing room!  I've been organizing, and purging, and realizing I need to make some quilts, cuz I have about 8 inches of shelf space left.....and that's it!  And there are two local quilt shows coming up, and I might be bringing home some 'stuff'!  lol  You just never I better get busy!

Have a great day!



  1. Your quilt will bring much warmth to your friend. You are very thoughtful. I love the picture of your quilt....i especially love the feet! Too cute! ~karen

  2. I love all the plaids in the quilt. It's perfect for a guy.

    Your lilies are beautiful: I especially like the ruffled, pink one.

  3. I love all things plaid--this is a great "warm hug" quilt. I'm sure it will be appreciated.
    Gorgeous lilies!

  4. I like warm hugs as a name. I've been saying donation quilt because, like you, I feel funny calling them charity. Great quilt. Very manly. Enjoy your good deeds. Lane

  5. Giving "warm hugs" is a wonderful idea. I remember hearing a widow once say that sleeping alone was one of the hardest things to get used to, and she bought a huge stuffed animal to ease her loneliness. I imagine your warm hugs quilts would offer similar comfort. Great idea!

  6. Your lillies are beautiful.
    My flowers are doing well except the petunias
    Every year my petunia's are to die for .
    I think this year the 105 degree and above heat has killed them. I have done nothing different and it makes me sad. I love my flowers so much and looking at them is just damn right sad. As my hubby said, Take them out and let them die with a dignified death for heaven's sake.
    I just hate that they aren't well....
    pathetic aren't i?
    my peppers this year are sad too.
    is it me or the heat?
    I have not changed a thing.
    Same type of manure, good dirt, good food and water!
    Seriously it makes me sad.
    I think i need a life!

  7. Hi Regan, I too love the name for the quilts-plus it is a name that brings smiles. Your quilt to so delightful and the back is just as pretty as the front. I sure wish you lived close-I'd have to come kick me into starting the baby quilt. Love your daylilies too, especially the peach one. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. That Warm Hug quilt is really wonderful. I remember when you started it ages ago. And I agree that warm hug is a much nicer name. Your Lillies are so beautiful, great colours!!! Good on you for having a clean out!!

  9. how lovely! what a sweet thing to do and I know he will love it.
    The back is wonderful
    Your day lily collection is so pretty!!

  10. Your 'warm hug' quilt looks like it will be a comfort to your friend. It is so cozy looking, I love plaids and homespuns. I think your photography looks just fine, and your flowers are definitely beautiful.

  11. Very thoughtful and heartwarming gift! Love your daylilies. Stay cool and enjoy your sewing day.

  12. Hope you got a lot of stitching done. Temps have been average around here, but the humidity is stifling.
    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful lilies. Mine are all just the humble orange ones. They look pretty sad this year. Their green leaves really took a beating from our early heatwave.
    The plaid quilt looks so comfy, cozy. I'm sure it will be appreciated.