Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a Blizzard!

For those of you in New England, or for that matter, the Eastern know what we're dealing with!  It will be snowing all day here in Maine, but I know it has stopped already in New we know we are not far behind.

My son cut his visit a day short, and drove out yesterday before the snow started up here, but it was already several inches deep in Virginia, where he was headed!  So he took it nice and slow, and stayed overnight in Deleware, and has finally reached home in VA, and now I can breathe again!

This is a pic standing in our dining room (I'm not going out there!), looking through the glass, through the screened porch and out to our neighbors house!....The sky is just slightly darker than 1:45 in the afternoon!  The snow is blowing sideways.....and swirling like mad!  It's angry snow!

So, IT'S A PERFECT SEWING DAY!!!!  Yippee!  I spent most of yesterday on the cheddar spiderweb quilt, and am working the borders still.  When I had realized a few weeks ago that I didn't quite have enough of the cheddar, and I went to get more, well......they didn't have the EXACT cheddar I had used.  Close, but no!  And there is no way you can combine two different ones in one quilt without it looking like you goofed!  Not at this stage.....maybe several shades and pieced in from the beginning.....but not now!  So I am making due with what I have!  And it's not much!

My original plan was to have the borders meet in the middle of each side, and then do something with the cheddar there, not like an arrow pointing in, but something of sorts.  Pieced with a block, or something.  But now I don't have a smidge of cheddar to spare, so I am connecting the side borders to each other, and it will give an arrow point of the right side of the pic.  These borders still need to be trimmed down quite a bit, so they will not be that wide when completed, cuz I think they are overpowering right now!  But I do like the look.

If my math is right (oh boy, measure 6 times, cut once, right?  HA!), then I can get a 3 inch inside border and a 2 inch outside of the cheddar. JUST occurred to me that the outside borders are longer than the inside, because of the pieced border!  SHEESH!  Measure 7 times, cut once!  Good grief!  So, scrap that idea, and this thing's getting the inside cheddar border, the pieced border, and the binding!  THERE!  (My life is fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, so why should my quilting be any different!)

My binding will be scrappy strips of the shirtings, so now I can use all that cheddar for the one border!  Cool!

Do you ever have moments like that, when you've been thinking and thinking on something, and you think you have the answer absolutely figured out......and the whole time you didn't realize you were thinking totally wonky about it!  Like trying to carry 46 things into the house from the car, and doing a major balancing act, including using your chin to hold the stuff up, and then realizing you don't have a free hand to open the dang door!?!  Sheesh!

Is is just me?  Probably not, but do you dare admit it???  (Not when hubby's around, right!)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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