Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fabric on sale....oh boy!

I just can't pass up a good sale, and these were all just $2.00 a yard!  Sheesh!  You just can't beat it!

I guess I was in my "golden/brown" mood at that moment!  Aren't they beautiful!  I don't have anything in mind for them, but they'll look good in something one day!

I could have bought more, but when 8 bolts are stacked up on the cutting table, and your friend is only getting 1, was making me look a little greedy!  Besides, she and I are going to the thrift store on Saturday, and I'm hoping there will be a bunch of men's shirts for cutting up.

Not much progress on the spiderweb quilt yet (so no pic), but I was at an even number of posts (16), and couldn't let the year end on that!  I love prime numbers (I always play those in the lottery....of course, I never win....hmmmm!) so to have 17 posts in 2010 feels 'right' to me!  Is it superstitious, quirky, or am I just weird?  I don't know!  But I'm sticking with it!

Have a safe and Happy New Years!

See ya in 2011!



  1. Hey!, Love a bargain!! They'll be perfect for the right project one day. Nothing wrong with quirky, it makes you special. I'd never thought about posts in terms of special numbers. Happy New Year!!

  2. Wow! $2 a yard - that's hard to find in Northern Virginia. Love what you are doing with the spiderweb quilt. Will visit again soon.