Saturday, June 22, 2013

John's quilt......a finish!! Woot!

I finished John's quilt last week, and surprised him with it last Saturday!  He was totally surprised and very pleased!  Yay!

I had to confess all the little fibs I kept telling him while I was trying to get it done, like.......

......."text me when you're heading home from Portland, so I'll know to make dinner or not!"

......."I was going to work in the garden today, but a snapping turtle was in there all day, so I just stayed inside.  That's why the garden isn't in yet!"  (That is one partially true, cuz there WAS a snapping turtle in the garden, but not the whole day!  lol)

......."I don't really feel like playing golf today......but you go ahead honey!  And give me call so I'll know to wait lunch for you or not!"

I was finishing stitching the binding on while he was out mowing the lawn.......I kept having to stop, and listen, to make sure he was still mowing.  My hubby is VERY interested in my projects, so it was really hard to hide what I was making!  I pretty much had to it while I knew he was out of the house!  He is VERY hard to surprise!  lol

So here's the finished quilt........

 A close up of the quilting.......I did big loopy swirls.  I just LOVE those fabrics!  Yay!

And the back!  I love the modern look to it, even though NOTHING in my house is modern!  lol  And it's really a solid black, but the photo looks kindof camera just doesn't read black very well.

Well, we're heading for the cape for a big festival in Yarmouth, MA.  We've been asked to fly kites at it for  4 days, down on the beach, and the weather is supposed to be awesome!  I'm so excited!

And the second I get back on Thursday night, I'm doing crazy fast laundry, cuz I pick Pat up at 7:00 on Friday morning and we're headed for the Vermont Quilt Festival!  Woot!  We're staying over two nights, and we plan on taking in the Shelburne Museum as well!  Woohoo!  Pictures to follow!  :o)

It's going to be such a fun week!  I hope you'll have a fun one, too!  :o)



  1. He's be crazy NOT to love that! What a stunning quilt! Quilts and kites on the beach - that does sound like a fun week!

  2. Oh, the quilt turned out so beautiful! Kudos for you for being able to make it a surprise--that must have been just as demanding as the quilting.

  3. That quilt is so striking! I bet he loves it!

  4. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! And I love the back too and the story! It's funny to read the way you manage to keep hidden your beautiful work!

  5. Fantastic surprise Regan. I wold have loved to have seen his face.

    I'm off to Maine myself on the 10th July - to late for VQF and to early for the Maine show.
    Have a great time in Vermont I love that show.

  6. OH I love the quilt and the quilting, a job well done. I am so glad you were able to surprise him, I knew he would love it .
    Have a great time on the cape!

  7. The quilt is breathtaking! It is the perfect setting for those fabrics. Great job keeping it a secret, too!

  8. How lovinly deceptive you are, Regan !!
    The design is a real attention stealer - gorgeous.
    I'm loving your fabric choices.
    All so beautuful...a very special gift. ;)

  9. Working on such a special gift must have been fun, even keeping it a secret made it all the more enjoyable.

    I love the clean design of the quilt and the colors/fabrics that you used: it is stunning. Nice job on the back, too. Was this a pattern or something that you adapted?

  10. The cape and the quilt festival...I am so green with jealousy! Love the quilt too...

  11. I love everything about your quilt! You did an amazing job hiding it from him. Sounds like you will be very busy this next week. Enjoy!

  12. So glad the surprise worked - the quilt is beautiful!!!

  13. What a totally fabulous quilt the front and the back!! I bet he feels like the luckiest guy ever to have such a wonderful surprise quilt. I'm going to use the snapping turtle excuse one day, that's a good one. Have lots of fun flying kites and looking at quilts!

  14. Regan, I am so impressed(I once made my man a quilt for Christmas and he didn't realize it was for him); love all the colors and the quilting-oh my! I'm a tad green that you and your friend are going to another big quilt show-wish you lived near me!
    Have a wonderful week!!

  15. Wow way to go hiding the quilt from him. I wouldn't have been able to keep it to myself. It is beautiful. Love the quilting. The back is just gorgeous, love it.

  16. Absolutely awesome finish!! So glad he was surprised!! Hubbies are hard to keep out of the loop!

    Have fun - looking forward to the photos!!


  17. Well done keeping it a surprise. How fun! The quilting is the perfect design for this quilt. Was this for a birthday or anniversary or just because? Hope your trips are safe and fun!

  18. So glad the quilt was a hit - and why wouldn't it be? It's gorgeous.

    Have fun on your trips ... hope you take pictures to share with us.