Monday, February 18, 2013

Have you been to Lancaster???

My friends Pat, Betty and I are counting down the days until we go!  Woohoo!.....17 and counting!  :o)

We're so excited we can't stand it!  We'll be there for 10 days, and plan on doing a ton of other stuff besides the big quilt show!  Woohoo!'s my question to you!.......Have you been to Lancaster, and can you recommend anything that is a must see/do/eat/experience/talk to/or take a picture of???

Here's our list of stuff we're knowing about and/or have done before and have to go back and do again......(I've never been, so this is really Pat and Betty's list).....

Gordonville Mud Sale
Renninger's Antiques
Old Country Store and Museum
Fabric Shack
Bitty Kinna's
Weaver's Dry Goods
Fisher's Quilt shop
Bird In Hand Bakery
Eldreth Pottery
Jennie's Diner
Dutchland Quilt Patch
Diener's Restaurant
The Family Cupboard Restaurant
King's Buffet
The Pretzel Shop outside of Zook's
Obie's Country Store
Good's Store
Shady Maple Smorgasbord

And, of course, we'll be spending several days at the quilt show and attending several lectures, including ones with Pat Delaney, Susanne Swenson and Alex Anderson.

So......if you can think of anything else that is a must for a list......I'd love to hear about it!  We're there for 10 days, so we have time to add stuff to our agenda!  We're game for anything fun, exciting, yummy, and of course, quilt related!  :o)

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Oh, and as of tonight I have 166 log cabin blocks done (not all pictured), and 102 churn dash blocks done!  Woot!  I just need another 27 of the churn dashes......yippee!

OMG......I'm loving making these blocks!  They are so much fun!

Hope you're having fun, too!



  1. I've never been to Lancaster, so I can't give you any recommendations.

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the log cabins and churn dashes - you are making it extremely difficult not to start some more projects!! Have fun in Lancaster!!


  3. Oh you lucky girl!! Have a ball. And the LC blocks are fabulous!!

  4. Sounds like you have a busy fun list already. Lucky you! Your log cabin blocks are fantastic. They're going to make an awesome quilt.

  5. Never been to Lancaster, but I will love seeing your photos. : )
    GORGEOUS blocks! Oh, I love these plaid blocks--great job, Regan!

  6. The log cabins, the churndashes, awesome. Hoorah for scrappy plaid quilts and warm greetings from Paris, Will V

  7. you should go over to Oley and go to Ladyfingers owned by marketing director for Andover fabrics
    will email you with other suggestions....

  8. btw I love both of these your really making progress!!!!

  9. Great blocks . DH and I went to Lancaster in 2002. We enjoyed the Having bagels for breakfast in the Bird in Hand farmers market. Obis was an experience not to be missed.

  10. I love all the blocks! You will be done before you know it. I'm not been to Lancaster (at least as a quilter, I was there as a kid, though.) Have fun. This week is the Midatlantic show here! I'm taking a class from Pat Delanely!

  11. I love you log cabin blocks! beautifully done!!.....perhaps I will see you in Lancaster I will be there for at least a few days to see my quilts on display

  12. I love you log cabin blocks! beautifully done!!.....perhaps I will see you in Lancaster I will be there for at least a few days to see my quilts on display

  13. You are going to have the best trip!! Please take lots of photos. Your log cabins took my breath away! It's fabulous in all those plaids! and your churn dashes are wonderful too. I've recently been enjoying listening to Alex Andersons old podcasts, they're really entertaining and interesting. I bet her lecture will be fabulous. Enjoy.

  14. Have a wonderful time :-) With that amazing list of things to do you will be busy! Your churn dash and log cabin blocks are spectacular!!! What fun!

  15. LOL... living about 90 minutes away, I wish I could say I have suggestions... but honestly it is one of those things that I live so close I take it for granted.

    Have fun and enjoy the show!

  16. Those log cabin blocks look fabulous all together.
    Your trip sounds perfect, can I stow away with you all?

  17. Love all those blocks and the fabrics you have used - just gorgeous. Glad you are having so much fun with it!
    Have a great trip

  18. Oh! your blocks are awesome!! love the plaids they are so warm and homey!
    WE like to visit the Kitchen Kettle village. There is a restaurant there and the kettle corn is soooo good.

  19. How much time do you have? A month? LOL You're gong to have a wonderful time.
    Love your log cabin blocks and your churn dashes!!

  20. Well... here I am living in a field of sheep in Scotland telling you that.... I've been to the Old Country Store and Museum!!! How about that!! Had a great time. It's on my bucket list.... ;o) Love all those blocks...
    Have a great trip.... enjoy!

  21. You MUST go to the Log Cabin Quilt Shop while in Lancaster. It's at 2679 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand. You WILL love it, it's my favorite. And they have tons of beautiful quilts to admire too!
    I love how your blocks are coming! Very lovely.

  22. What fun you will have in Lancaster! I have a (non-quilting) cousin who lives there and was considering going to stay with her - but I'm thinking it might be better to time it at a different time than this event just to avoid the crowds??? I'm not sure yet what I'll do - but know you will have a blast!

  23. Wow look at what you're doing with the plaids, oh I just love it!! I may try some of those churn dash blocks with the left over plaids that I have. And the log cabins just look so warm and homey!

  24. Hi Regan, Do you know how envious I am that you are going to Lancaster? In fact, I'm going to write my bff-quilting buddy in Ca. and share your link because I think she and I need to go...maybe next year! You are going to have an incredible time. Love your Log Cabin-so perfect; your churn dash are coming along too. Have a wonderful afternoon.

  25. J'aime beaucoup ton log cabin , et ton tes carreaux .

  26. Je vais dans le lancaster cete au mois de juillet , je pense que je vais voir de très beau quilt shop .

  27. LOVE the log cabin and churn dash blogs. I imagine they are addictive. You have quite a list of places to go and I see there are more in the comments. You sure will be busy. Can't wait to hear about it all. I'll be at the show on the 14th so maybe we'll cross paths. Have a fun and safe trip!

  28. I am behind in my blog reading...I am glad I didn't miss the picture of your plaid log cabin. It is just wonderful! That Lancaster show has crept up on me. I was hoping to get there so I better make some fast plans.