Monday, October 22, 2012

A couple of minis, and more of the Cocheco show...

The last few days in the sewing room have been busy busy busy!  I desperately needed a leader/ender project, because I'm tired of using 2" squares for that!  I have billions, now.....with nothing in mind for them.  So I needed a l/e that was for a specific project.  And I've always drooled over a scrappy red and white tumbler quilt on Ingrid's Supergoof Quilts blog.  (Check out her's wonderful!  You'll need to hit the translate button, though!  It's in Dutch!)   So that seemed like a perfect l/e project!  I set out drafting it up, figuring how many tumblers I'd need, and got busy cutting!  I now have all 1500 tumblers cut out!  Woohoo!  Now I can start sewing again!  I don't know if you're like me, but if I don't have a l/e to use, I just can't sew a seam!  :o)

So then I got busy on some projects!  And since I was in the tumbler block mode, I got busy on the gifted tumblers that Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts blog sent me recently!  I just love the little size of them!  And because it was a mini, it was totally doable in a day.....quilting and binding included!  Woohoo!  All done!  Thanks Kathie.....I love it!

The back!  Bound in solid black.  It finished at 10.25 x 11.5.  The tumblers are 1.25" tall.

I just did a simple stitch in the ditch; I didn't want to take away from the fun fabrics!  And I felt like the back should feel fall-like, I found a nice leaf fabric in my stash.

Once I had this little guy done, I was thinking I wanted to do another mini!  They are just so addicting!  So I pulled all the 3" squares I received on a recent shop hop, and started sewing!  They were meant to be made into a maple leaf block wall hanging, so I had 5 each of the different fabrics.  But I'm not a big fan of the maple leaf block.  But I have seen a few broken dishes quilts online recently, so I thought that would be fun......and really small!  :o)

The back.  Bound in a red print.  It finished at 11" x 14.75".  Each broken dish square is 1.5".

Again, a fall fabric from my stash made up the back.  I'm totally addicted to making minis now!  I should have a wall full very soon!  Yay!

Ok.......and now on to more of the Cocheco show!  Sorry, but there are a few pics that are a bit blurry!  I was racing a bit to get through all the quilts.......we spent the majority of the day in the vendor's booths!  lol


 "Trio of Doll Quilts #1:  Pinwheels" by Gladi Porsche.

"Trio of Doll Quilts #2:  Square in a Square" by Gladi Porsche.

 "Trio of Doll Quilts #3"  Hexagons" by Gladi Porsche.

 "Reflections" by Betty Jo Quinn.

 "Fall Pumpkins" by Carol Barstow.

 "Bellissima" by laura Archambault.

 "Ranchers Daughter" by Rejeanne Bailie.

 "Fall" by Carol Barstow.

I'm really liking this Turning Twenty pattern for a little something different on my pieced backs.  I'll have to remember it!

 "The Lesson Quilt" by Carol Barstow.   (sorry so blurry!)

 "James River Blues and Browns" by Judey Clemons.

 "Lazy Summer Days" by Judey Clemons.  A jelly roll race with a fun addition!

 "Julia's Quilt" by Susan Copp-Silva.

 "Urban Topography" by Susan Foster.   So crisp and bold!  I love it!

 "Dots" by Nancy Henry.     Those dots add so much, don't they!?!

 "Not Your Grandmother's Baltimore Album Quilt," by Nancy Henry.

 "Ribbons" by Nancy Henry.

 "Wool Flowers" by Jean Irvine.

 "Bella Pup" By Betty Jo Quinn.

 "Splendid Poppies" by Betty Jo Quinn.    (sorry so blurry!)

 "Winter" by Carol Barstow.

 "Night Blossoms" by Linda Bevins.

 "Red Baskets" by Anna Bullard.    Don't you just love those nine 9-patches thrown in there!?!

 "Snow in Summer" by Susan Copp-Silva.

 "Key Lime Waterfall" by Susan Foster.

 "Bohemian Blocks" by Andrea Jackson.

 "Pineapples Gone KooKoo" by Cindy McKenna.

"A Tisket A Tasket" by Laura Parsons.

I'll have more in a few was a big show, with lots of great quilts!  And in case you're wondering......I only show pics of my favorites!  Holy cow, right!?!  lol



  1. Hi Regan, thanks for taking the time to post all these pics of all these fabulous quilts! and i love your minis!!! Nice quilting on them too!! your friend, ~karen

  2. Love the minis! Great show quilts...thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your mini's. (the leaves is my fav)
    I also really like the poppies!!
    I just don't understand how the hell you do it!

  4. Hi Regan, You are one busy gal-I love your minis and especially the backing. The quilts from the show were incredible; I decided to leave me squares on the wall and decide if I like their placing-I will then sew them together tomorrow or Wed. Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. What a wonderful show! Lots of inspiration there!
    Your minis are great--I love the broken dishes idea. Oh no, I feel another mini coming on!

  6. Love Urban Topography too! Would be a great design for your orange and purple quilt. Of course, your minis are cute too.

  7. HI Regan,

    Your minis are very inspiring - great quilting on them too.

    Thanks again for the show pictures - all wonderful.


  8. Lots of fun eye candy! Thank you.

  9. I love your little minis!! and boy oh boy those quilts from the show are wonderful!! You're great at sharing a wide variety of styles. It's great to see the Turning Twenty quilts. It was the Turning Twenty pattern that really taught me how to patchwork.

  10. love seeing the quilts from the show this might be a show I NEED to go to next year, keep me posted as to when it is . so glad you liked the fabrics it loosk adorable and now you can use it this year, great choice for backing fabric. Love hourglass blocks another great little quilt
    thanks for sharing the pictures from the show so many great quilts. can't wait to see your favorites.

  11. SO happy I found your blog....visiting from The Patriotic Quilter! Your mini quilts are fabulous!!

  12. Wow, Regan! You sure are on a roll with those delightful minis! Your quilts are precious. Especially love that mini tumbler. And thanks for sharing all the eye candy from the quilt show.

  13. Such sweet quilts! For some reason I always want to hand quilt minis, but there just isn't time. Can't wait to see your wall of little quilts.
    Thanks for sharing these show quilts. Lots of beauties!

  14. Oh my - your little minis are perfect!! Love those fall backings!!! Small ones are fun!!!

    The quilt show must have been amazing in person - because the pictures a great!!! Love the basket quilts!! I've never made one - but want to!!!

    Have a great day!

  15. I thought that little tumbler quilt looked familiar. I got one of Kathy's kits, too, and I just love that little quilt.

  16. What an amazing range of quilt styles at the Cocheco show!
    And love your little quilts - especially the tiny tumblers...I have a template that size to make one up - its on the table of good intentions and just moved up after seeing yours!

  17. love your little broken dishes quilt. it's one of my favorite blocks and it happens to be the same block i used in my small quilts entry from Taryn's doll quilt show~!


  18. Regan your little quilts are adorable, beautiful fabrics too!!

  19. I love your minis and enjoyed the show , wow so much talent !

  20. Loved the quilting on your minis! Great quilt show, too.