Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maine Quilts 2012 - Final! Whew!

So this is the last group of pics from the Maine State Show.  Enjoy!

These first 4 little quilt (shaped like houses) were from the Alliance for American Quilts Contest.  These will be auctioned off in November.  The them was "Home is where the quilt is."  They are 15" x 19.5".  I thought the quilter's names would be in my book, but they weren't, and my pics don't show the names clearly.....sorry!

 "What I love in Green" by Kaylinda Libbey.  Part of a challenge to use only one color, and it's so sweet....just 14x22!
 This is a close up of the upper left corner......the clothesline is so adorable.....and tiny!

 This was a challenge from a guild where they all worked the same pattern, just in their own fabrics or colorways.  Nice!

 "Batik Medallion" by Anita Hedstrom.  A guild challenge to use half square triangles and batiks.

 "Aussie Palms" by Virginia Morrell.  Same guild challenge with hst's and batiks.

 "Hazel at 85" by Sandra Betts, Saint John, New Brunswick.  We met the maker of this amazing piece.  It's made by manipulating cheesecloth with free motion stitching.  The effect was incredible, especially if you stood at least 10 feet away.  Up close......it was nearly unrecognizable.

 The close up.......see.......pretty much a mess!  lol   But what an amazing technique.  The lady said it was her first attempt at this technique......I think she mastered it!

 "My Emma's Courtyard" by Callie Lavoie, Wells.  Her hand quilting was really lovely on this piece.

 "Old and New" by Wendy Caton Reed, Bath.  There are actually two separate quilts that she stitched together for this display.  One is made of real antique fabrics from 1870-1890, and the other is made from repros.  Can you tell the difference?  (Spoiler alert!!!!.....she didn't quilt the sashing of the repro quilt!)

 "Cocheco Bear Paw" by Kathren Albert, Madawaska.

 "My Spring Garden" by Diane Dixon, Palermo.  Beautiful machine quilting on this.

 "Checker Champion" by Frances M. Parker, Waterville.

 "Encircled" by Darlene K. Gauthier, Hartford.  Made to commemorate her 50th wedding anniversary!  Sweet!  Beautiful hand quilting on this one, too!

Hope you enjoyed this show as much as I did!  I've had so many nice comments from everyone, and I've been wanting to respond......but it is crazy busy here this week, so I'll just say right here, "Thank you for the nice comments, and I'll be sure to post pics from future shows!"

Our cousin Patti from NY just 'popped in' yesterday.....while we were antiquing in Rhode Island!  (We had a neighbor unlock the house, so she wasn't stranded on the porch!  It's a 4 hour drive from RI!)  We were so glad she decided to make the trip up to visit us; we hadn't seen her since the Red & White show in NYC, a year ago March!  Eek!  Where does the time go!?!

So, after Patti's visit, I'll be posting some of the fun stuff I found in Rhode Island!  Hubby and I had a ball!  And oooooh......the antique shops were awesome!

So until then, have a great week!



  1. thank you for sharing all these beautiful quilts! amazing huh? :) ~karen

  2. I love looking at these beautiful quilts! So glad you took these pictures!


  3. Loved seeing all the different quilt! I can only imagine how great antiquing is on the east coast!!

  4. Love the bear paw and spring garden quilts!

  5. OMG I love love love the ones that look like homes.
    How darn clever!

    Have a great visit with your cousin.

  6. Gorgeous quilts; thanks for sharing them with us!

  7. Your pictures are, again great this year. Considering the fact that I gave my 5yr old the camera to keep her happy at the show for a couple hours, I have very few that are clear or with tops! Thanks for posting~

  8. Regan, It's been such a treat to see all these amazing quilts. Such a great variety and each one is so wonderful. If you don't reply to my comment I'll understand, I'll know you're busy having fun!

  9. Hope you had a great visit with your cousin. Thanks again for sharing these lovely quilts. What a show! Don't worry about replying. I'd notice if someone never replied, but doubt I'd notice it otherwise.

  10. Hi Regan--I am visiting your blog from Michele's "Island Quilts"--the first yr I was married , my musician husband and I worked as counselors at Camp Manitou in Waterford!! Small world---I love your tour of the quilt festival-- fantastic works!! thanks for the looksee--Julierose

  11. OMGoodness. I am blown away by these beautiful quilts. I had to go back and look at the others too. That clothesline is amazing! I love the batik medallion too. They are all stunning.

  12. Thank you for sharing the quilt show. Looking forward to the update on your recent antique adventure. Love those kind of trips!!

  13. Wow, some great looking quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  14. The small ones are so adorable. It gives me hope that maybe someday I can learn to do something smaller that would not be too overwhelming! ~Lili