Tuesday, May 29, 2012

There's a story behind it!

Since my hubby was gone for 6 days at the Wildwood Kite Festival in New Jersey, I was able to sew my little brains!  I finished all the letters for the back of my Jubilee quilt, so now I can show the plan.  All the letters need trimming up, and the bottom orange area is going to be all crazy-patch pieced, but I think it's well on its way!

And here's the story behind it.......

When we first moved to Maine, I used to drive all over New England exploring.  One of the first drives I made was to Connecticut, driving down I-95.  Well, as you drive along south, there is an overpass across the highway, and on it is this piece of graffiti........"Perhaps some chocolate chips cookies and milk!"

Well.....the second I saw that.....my heart skipped a beat!  It's the best graffiti I've ever seen!

First.......it starts with the word Perhaps!  How cool is that!  I just love that word!  It's so sweet and kind, and so unexpected in a graffiti!  Coming from Southern California, where the graffiti is all gang-based, harsh and evil......I thought that this was just so darned sweet!

Second......who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies!?!  Yeah!

And, of course, being I'm lactose intolerant, the 'milk' part is a stretch, but when ya gotta dunk, you just gotta dunk!

So.......I looked into this graffiti, cuz I was just so taken by it, and it turns out it is the answer to a question posed on a previous overpass.  The question being......"What will set you free?"

That's a pretty profound question, but in my book.......that answer says it all!  Straight and to the point.....life is just that simple sometimes!  And shouldn't it be!?!  :o)

So......for years now, I've always wanted to put that little phrase on a quilt........and what better quilt than my Jubilee!  It's all about me, for me, what I love, and it just had to be!  And I'm loving it!

I'm going to be piecing the crap out of the bottom orange section this weekend, while hubby is gone on a golf weekend with our son.  Once the bottom is all pieced I can start sectioning it together!  Woohoo!  It's really coming together!  :o)

Have a great day!



  1. What a great story!! and you should put on your quilt what you want for you!!


  2. I love that story! I absolutely can't resist a chocolate chip cookie!
    Since my daughter moved to NH last week I hope to become acquainted with some of the territory you have covered on a future visit.

  3. What a great story and fabulous idea foir the quilt. I'm loving the orange, this is going to be heaps of fun.

  4. YEAH!!!! This drew me right in!! :c)

    Now where are the cookies??

  5. Very fun, Regan! I love it for a quilt! It's neat to find ways to incorporate sayings that resonate with you into your projects. I am also lactose intolerant, so I can only drink skim milk. I splurged tonight on homemade ice cream! It was so good.

  6. great story! I think its wonderful that you added this to the quilt....
    me cookies any way any how are a good thing ;)

  7. Very clever backing and great story.

  8. What a fantastic story Regan! I love it and I love the quilt. I am not a big fan of orange yet this quilt is probably one of my favorites. Funny how that works.

    btw - i don't like chocolate chips cookies. I know, I know!

  9. One word - fabulous!! Oh, just thought of another word, perfect! It's just the coolest thing :)!

  10. LOVE IT! What a neat story. I have to agree - chocolate chip cookies and milk will solve just about anything! LOL Have a great weekend!

  11. Regan, You totally rock!!! What a fantastic line!! I love this story and think it's so wonderful that the phrase is part of your Jubilee Quilt. I'll be using that saying, it's such a good one!!

  12. Just had Oreos and milk last night with the grandkids. They love to dunk! Great story and quilt.

  13. Hi Regan, Love this quilt and especially the story; like you the only graffiti we ever saw in Ca. was gang also. This sounded so cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. This is a wonderful story. Chocolate chip cookies are my most favorite thing. It would work for me. Take care!

  15. 20 years and 1500 miles away, I still remember those overpasses and smile.

  16. 20 years and 1500 miles away, I still remember those overpasses and smile.