Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012! Woohoo!

Here it is the middle of January, and this is my first post of the year!  Holy did that happen!?!

Well......I've been sick again!  And I was thinking this was very familiar, so I looked at my Jan 2011 posts, and yeah.....I was sick then, too!  What the hell!?!  I even called out of work last week......I NEVER do that!  And spent the whole day in bed, not even the couch!  Yep....sick!

I'm feeling better now......but that dragging feeling is still lingering!  Just suck it up, and move on, right!?!  :o)

So, I have been quilting, but not much......nothing to show, cuz I haven't taken any pics.....hopefully in a few days.  I've got the baby quilt top done, but am still figuring on the batting.  I talked with the gals at our quilt group, and I'm going to make a few small quilt sandwiches to see how the different battings behave when washed.  I need for this baby quilt to be fairly flat after washing, not crinkled and puckered like I usually like my quilts to look.  This baby quilt needs to have that 'polished, smooth, modern' look to it, so the puckers might be too much.  Of course, I haven't done this yet, so hopefully this week I can get to it!

What I DID get to today was .......just like this time last year.......I booked another cruise!  Woohoo!  Could it be because it was only 2 degrees out this morning when I woke up????  Hmmmmm!

Hubby and I are going on Royal Caribbean in March/April to the Western Caribbean, porting in Cozumel and Puerta Costa Maya, Mexico.  5 fun filled days out of Tampa, where we'll get to stay and visit with our cousins, April and Drew (yep, same April that the quilt is for!).  By then, the baby will be born, so we'll get to see the little peanut, too!  Yay!

I'm so excited I could just bust!  :o)

And I still need to book the excursions, but the plan is to take the Xrail dune buggy drive through the jungle, to the Jade Caverns, take a little swim, and drive back out!  A totally mud-splattered fun kind of day!  Yay!  If you're wondering what it really's a link to a blog from a gal that was just there!  Fun!

Of course, one of the excursions was to do a zip line, and we were totally jazzed about doing it, but then we saw a video about the exact one we would be on.....and it's nothing like what we want!  We want to be that Geico Pig on the zip line!  Have you seen that little guy!  Too damned cute!  Wee wee weeeeeee!  HA!  Check out the link the little pig feet dancing in the air, and the little snort......pinwheels!  HA!

GEICO Pig on a Zip line video! Too funny!

Ok.......I'm laughing too damned hard now to be able to type!

Hope you all have a great week!

Wee wee weeeeeeeee!



  1. It's so cold here that sounds so lovely.
    I love that pig on the zip line!!

  2. Oh, Regan, your cruise sounds like so much fun, and March/April would be a perfect time to go. So neat that you will get to explore the jungle and the Jade Caverns. You'll have to fill us in on your adventures when you return. And I love that little pig and its little wiggly feet, too! I always smile when I see him on TV--at first, I thought it was a girl with its squeal but when it talks, it sounds like a boy!

  3. Heehee, I can never understand what that little pig is saying when he pauses, but I suppose it doesn't matter b/c Geico knows how to make him stay inside our head! Now that's the perfect way to celebrate some real subzero book a cruise. I'm excited for you! ~Lili

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. I had a cold in December and it took a full week before I felt back to normal. I'm sure booking that cruise was therapeutic! Sounds like a lot of fun and by then you will really need to get away from the cold weather.

  5. Feel better soon! Your cruise sounds fabulous! You will have a blast :-) That is a funny commercial. I had to see it a few times to understand what the pig was funny!

  6. We've been on the same route with Royal Caribbean Cruise ship a few years ago and had such a wonderful time! I'm sure you will enjoy,every minute of beng on board ;)

  7. cruising? I love it too!
    We're going on 7 day cruise to the same area in 2 weeks!
    Sorry to hear you were sick, but dreaming of your cruise must have helped.
    My husband wants to zip-line, uh, no....I'll hold the camera -

  8. 2 degrees! Brrr! Have fun on your cruise, but if you want to do a zipline, wait until you do an Alaska cruise and do this one.
    It's so fun and much safer than any I've ever seen. After doing this one we signed up for one in Costa Rica, but changed our mind when we saw what it was (even losing our money). It just didn't look safe. So now we need to do another Alaska cruise because we want to do this one again.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  9. The cruise is a great way to cheer you up after being so unwell, I'm really envious, lol. Hillarious video.

  10. Hope you feel better soon, Regan. I too had that nasty bug and it doesn't go down without a fight! Don't know why I didn't realize you had a blog but it's great and I've enjoyed visiting.

    Gail :)