Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The humidity is gone.....Yay!

That horrible humidity is finally gone......thank goodness!  I was never meant to be in hot weather......I grew up in Seattle, and I moved to Maine for a reason!  We like it cool!  About 75 degrees is as hot as I ever want it!  And 65 is perfect!  lol  So this last week of 100+ degrees was unbearable to me!

Of course, it was great for the garden!  We've been picking over a dozen zucchini EVERY day; I've taken bags of them to work several times, and everyone is quite amazed that my plants are producing already.....most around here have not begun!  I guess it's all that TLC we give them..... and I talk to them......little pep talks, really!  Yay plants.....go go go!  lol

And the cukes have been steady, as well......so I just put up a baker's dozen pints of mustard pickles!  Yum!

Last week, during the heat wave, my friend Brenda and I went to the slots casino.....she won big (over $350!) and I didn't!  lol  But that's ok, cuz before we went to the casino, we stopped at that fabulous little antique shop that I bought those two yard-long pics at back in June.  At that time, they had two other pics, and I really thought about them then, but thought I should wait......no sense in pushing hubby's patience off the charts!  I was really hoping they still had those two pics, and YES THEY DID!  Woohoo!

This is all 4 of them (leaning against the wall, so I took the pic sideways), the 2 newest ones are the bottom one and the 2nd one down.  The second one down is a military shot, and the bottom one is a shot of a White House Reception on May 27, 1926 of the Northern Baptist Convention.  And there must be thousands of people in this shot, the most I've ever seen in one of these pics, and you can see damn near every face (except the way back section)......and they are all beautifully dressed....of course, they're at the White House!  It's really quite a sight!  I love 'em!

And they were only $40 and $45!  Eeegads!  How lucky am I!?!

So those made up for not winning at the casino!

Nothing to show quilty-wise.....but I'm getting in my sewing room tonight!  Or else!  lol

Hope you are having a great day!



  1. "Eeegads! How lucky am I!?!" VERY....your humidity is gone and you make a great find.

    My neighbor gave me a slew of zucchini and I roasted them with some brussel sprouts, peppers, onions, broccoli and bacon. Yummo! ever roast zucchini before? soooo sweet.

    It's cooler here too....it's 97 today. This weekend another 100+. I hate anything over 75. I am a cold weather gal living in DC metro and sweating and not lovin' it!

  2. Congratulations on your bountiful garden. Those cukes look do look yummy and it's fun to get a glimpse of your stove.
    Would love to see the photo of the White House reception. Can you see the president? I don't know which one it would be.
    Happy sewing!

  3. Those pictures were meant to be yours! I'm so glad you have given them a new home! Congrats on a successful garden!


  4. Happy it is cooling down for you. My garden is just now starting to produce. Great finds...the White House reception picture must be amazing and interesting.

  5. Wow that's hot, it would have nice and cool at the casino. I love those long pictures, Ive never seen any like that. Those pickles cukes look yummy. My favorite cake at the moment is zucchini cake.

  6. Just came to your blog after reading your comment on Bonnie's blog. Read your profile--anyone who loves thrift store shopping and Jane Austen, I have to follow!

  7. Unbelievable Regan! That awful heat AND your bounty of zucchini...so early! Mine are teeny tiny still, but I do have some cukes! So glad those yard-long pics were still there for you, you lucky gal. ~Lili

  8. So glad the humidity is gone for you - and what wonderful zuchinni plants you must have. You were lucky those long pictures were still there - they are so interesting. I have seen some around here and they are not nearly that expensive.

    If you like cool summers this would have been the year to be in Seattle. Only a few days over 72 and mostly under - and very cool at night - but so cool that my tomatoes never set fruit. Oh well, there is always the farmer's market.