Friday, May 27, 2011

Gonna be a busy weekend!

I started yesterday with the garden......we bought the seedlings on Wednesday, and I wanted to wait to make sure the ground was warm enough!  Those of you in the New England area know that we have not had any sun since.....well......last September!  And this whole Spring has been nothing but rain and cold......anyone who planted anything two weeks ago has probably had everything rot!  We usually wait until Memorial Day weekend anyway.....just to be safe!  And here it is already.....sheesh.....I can't believe it's the end of May!  But it's gorgeous out.....sunny and beautiful!  Yay!

Here's a pic of the garden from the second floor bedroom.  John put the fencing up (those dang critters just love tender little seedlings!, and the electric wire will go around shortly!) I put in 12 tomatoes, 6 zucchini, 6 pickling cukes, 6 jalepeno and 6 green pepper.  I screened two wheelbarrows of compost for the little guys, so they should have a really good start!  I'll be setting seed with the green beans and corn tomorrow AFTER I get one of those screen hats.....because I have at least 20 blackfly bites on my head!  And they are all welting up, and hurt!  Sheesh!  I'm like a magnet for bugs that bite!  And it wouldn't be so bad, except they seem to go for my eyes!  So I have a big old welt right next to my left eye, and I'm looking a bit like Quasimodo!  Fun times!

Hubby has gone to the Jersey Shore for a huge kite festival.  For those of you in that area, it's going on Fri-Sat-Sun at Wildwood.  It's really fun, but I bowed out this year, cuz I'm taking a lot of time off for my other trips, and as it is, I have almost all of June off, so he went alone.  So I'm taking advantage of being home alone, and quilting my brains out!

I finished making all 480 flying geese for Jeanne's quilt.  And got them sewn in strips of 4, too!  Sweet!  It's now on the wall, and I started to sew strips the top left corner row done, then realized I had something else I needed to do first!  Eek!

My friend Betty at the town office is having a birthday on June 2!  Yikes!  And I've been talking about making her a wall hanging for over a month now!  Have I started it!?!  No!  So I got busy on it last night!  It's the same technique I blogged about on my October 30, 2010 post, an idea from Jenny Bowker at Postcards from Cairo.

I got brave this time and used the contrasting thread for part of the design!  I'm loving it!  I borrowed a piece of the pinecone fabric from my friend Brenda, who made Betty a quilt last year using some of the wall hanging will match perfectly!  Yay!  I'll finish the quilting up within the weekend, and have it ready for Thursday delivery!

And am I worried Betty might see this ahead of time.....No!  Cuz NONE of my friends here ever read my blog!  What's up with that!?!  They always ask what I've been working on, and the first thing I say is, "Have you read my blog?".....and they always say no!  Sheesh!  I have pics of my projects and everything!  Oh well.....maybe one day, right!?!

I can't believe I have to work this weekend.....I have so much quilting and gardening to do!  lol

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Wow! Both your projects look great!
    Love the purples - lots of motion with the flying geese.
    Great job with the machine quilting - neat technique.
    I enjoy seeing your vegetable garden. That's a lot of work, but wonderful rewards. Keep us posted.

  2. I love the one with all the flying geese. I was contemplating beginning one like that myself so I am taking your post as a sign that I, indeed, should do so!

  3. Hee Hee, You crack me up!! That photo of Quosimodo took me by surprise! I'm in love with your purple flying geese quilt. I impressed by your beautiful leafy stitching but, crikey, you do like to start things at the last moment! The garden sounds fabulous, except for the biting things of course.

  4. The blackflies are the worst we've seen them in 8 years around here! We've been donning our netted head covers around here all week. So glad you got a good start on your garden despite the critter bites. I'm loving that contrasting thread you used on your quilt design. ~Lili

  5. Beautiful projects, I love purple and I love tans and creams. The garden looks great. My SIL always said that working interfered with her life.