Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roll Roll Cotton Bowl top is done! Yippee!

Yesterday, I announced that today I was going to spend the entire day cleaning up my desk, cleaning up my sewing room, and sewing!  That's it! desk never got touched, but I did manage to pick up my sewing room a bit, enough to get my RRCB organized enough to finish the top!  Sweet!  My desk is a nightmare, and I'll just have to save that for another day!

Here is the pic I posted on Feb 8.....

and here it is with the borders on.....

I'm just loving this top.....and I can't wait to quilt it!  It's not exactly the RRCB that is the mystery.....I left off the alternate blocks of string pieces, because that was just going to make it way too big for us!  Nothing in our house is king sized.  I'm really pleased with the size it turned out to be.....perfect for a queen sized bed.  (I have it shown on the queen in the spare totally clashes with the antique quilt on the wall, but my bedroom's a pics can be taken in there!  lol)

And on a totally different note.......

I've been a little freaked out for the past week, and I just need to share this.  I had my physical and mamo on the 28 of March.  Two days later, they call me and say that I need to come in for another mamo and have additional images taken.  That's fine, cuz I think I always wiggle too much and they almost always have me come back for another shot.  So, I go back on the 7th of April.  It's a different technician than the first time.  We take 5 more images, and after each one, she studies the monitor, and then heads into the back room, where I can see in the reflection of the artwork that there is another monitor in there, only bigger.  Then she comes out, and we take of five and we're done.  So, she's explaining to me that the radiologist will look at the images and then discuss them with my doctor, and my doctor will call me with the results.  And this is all fine and dandy.....just as always before.  And then, I close up my gown and head for the door.  And as I'm reaching for the knob, this gal comes up beside/behind me, and then gives me a hug around the shoulders, and kindof leans her head onto my shoulder during the hug.  It was not sexual in any was more like a good friend saying goodbye!

Now.....I've never met this gal.....and she was very nice during the whole procedure.....but this hug was like she was saying "I'll never see you again.....and I'm gonna miss you!"......and all I was able to think of was......WHAT THE HELL DID SHE SEE IN THE IMAGES, and now I'm totally worried!

So I spent the next 6 days worrying, freaking out (a little, not bad though).....and trying really hard not to think about it all.....and then I got my letter saying everything was normal and fine!  Whew!

So.....I'm just wondering......has anyone ever been hugged by the gal......and would you freak out a little, too?  Just wondering!  I'm normally very cool and calm about my physical and mamos......especially since I usually get called back for more images.  But this was just a little different, and unexpected.  I just hate to think that I'm being so weird over someone being extra nice to me.  Anyway.....just needed to share that, and get a new perspective on it.

And aren't you glad I didn't try and put a pic (of any kind) to this little story!  lol

Hope you're having a wonderful day!



  1. Your quilt looks wonderful.
    I would definitely be taken aback by the technician's hug like that. Maybe she was just having an off day. I hope you get the results quickly!

  2. Maybe you were looking more stressed out than you realized...

    Really like the RRCB...need to take my blocks out of the cabinet and get back to work!

  3. Love that quilt!! How did you come up with the fun name. As for the other matter.. I'm not sure what to make of it, Maybe like Yankee Quilter says you may have looked nervous. It seems a bit odd, at least she didn't pinch your bottom! I'm glad your tests came back normal and fine.

  4. So glad everything came back ok. I would have been freaked too! Your RRCB is just stunning.

  5. I don't blame you for being a bit freaked by that - I would, too. My first thought is that is was very unprofessional of her since she didn't know you. Glad you got the all clear in the end! RRCB looks great!

  6. I think I would have felt like you did- I htink it was a little unprofessional. She could have given you some encouraging words instead.

    Yay! On getting your RRCB top completed!!

  7. Your quilt looks great!
    That hug would have definitely made me feel uncomfortable too. I'm sure she didn't mean to cause you worry, but she should probably be made aware of it so as not to put others through the same stress. So glad it turned out ok!


  8. Oh my goodness I think that would have had me wondering what was up if the x-ray tech I didn't know gave me a reassuring hug with no explanation. So glad your mamo came back normal! And your quilt is another work of art right there. ~Lili

  9. What a beautiful quilt, it has so much piecing and I admire that so much. I just had mny mamo and scan but I never got hugged, I would have freaked too. Maybe she was having one of those "be nice to everyone days" Free hugs? Not too goood considering her job.

  10. beautiful quilt and of course I love the quilt on the wall too!!!!
    she should not have hugged you I agree, but just think its ore worries

  11. Your quilt is gorgeous! And so relieved to hear you got good news from the test. What a frightening experience for you!