Wednesday, November 10, 2010


These foundation spiderwebs are totally addicting!  I just couldn't stop!  I spent all day yesterday working on them, from drafting the dimensions, to making bunches!  Of course, it has not even made a dent in the shirtings scrap bins, but that's ok.....I'll just keep making more!

Here are some of the pieces on my design wall.

My inspiration for the design was on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville "Spiderweb" page.  If you look at the background design for her page, this was the design I used! 

Of course, because the design is not symmetrical, you have to make two templates for the triangle shapes.  Here's a pic of mine.

You need to make the same number of each side for a complete design, but I think I might do something different with the outside edge.  Maybe leave off the small web end, so the outside border area will just be the big webs and a lot more orange.  I don't know....I'm not there yet!  We'll see what happens!

I have quilt group tonight at the town office!  I just love going; it's my only chance for hand piecing right now, and my grandma's flower garden is really coming along!  It's really a wild flower garden, because it is a jumble of scraps, not the usual same color petals!  I'm on the 'path' rows now (they are a mottled dark purple), and will soon start putting them all together!  I will show a pic very soon!

regan  :o)


  1. Oh, my gosh, I love your version! Plaids on orange - just great, and the 2 sizes. I made one using Bonnie's directions and loved making it. There may be another one in my future!

  2. spiderweb quilt is on my to do list!! your version is great! keep blogg'n!!
    karen from across the country :)